We work with writers who want to self-publish their work.

By self-publishing, writers have greater control over their work, cut out the “middle man”, and maximise their royalties.

But the world is full of self-published books that look … well … self-published … and the world of self-publishing can be confusing. Many great ideas and projects are too-easily assigned to the too-hard basket!

Zwischen Publishing helps writers produce good-looking books that don’t look self-published.

With almost a decade of independent publishing experience, Zwischen Publishing’s services include:

• editing (line or copy editing; and editing for story, clarity, meaning and consistency, etc)

• book formatting

• book interior design

• cover design

• eBook formatting

• uploading to POD (print-on-demand) online services

• working with POD (print-on-demand) online services

• selling and distributing your book

• general publicity / promotion issues

• organising book launches, etc.

For more information about our services – those listed above and others you have questions about – email us by clicking here.